Born in Preston, 1989 - Grant took up photography and fell in love with capturing a unique and heartfelt portrayal of his subjects. His work is predominantly documentary based but there is a tendency to play with fine-art and chemical based printing techniques. Grant is an experimenter at the core and tries to apply this work ethic with all the subjects he approaches whether it be documentary, fashion, editorial or fine-art based photography.

Grant has been brought up living in Public Houses since very young and a high degree of his work surrounds the people that frequent these places. The slowly diminishing livelihood of the working mans pub is an untouched area and one that Grant deems extremely important in documenting.


"I'm relatively young in this game. I've been overwhelmed with the constantly impressive work being put out by well established industry professionals. I am still trying to find solid ground to land my feet on and as such I'm still experimenting and exploring as many avenues of photography that I can - I struggle to be satisfied with any single area of photography and I'm a firm advocate of using old techniques as well as new."